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Voluntary Return


IOM supports migrants who voluntarily wish to return to their country of origin or migrate to a third country where permanent residence is guaranteed.

Call us during office hours (09:00-17:00) via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Logo +31 6 82091550 (Mo, Tue, Wed, Thu)
WhatsApp Logo+31 6 82091228  (Mo, Tue, Thu, Fri)

Call us to make an appointment in your area.

Return support to Ukraine is currently not possible.


Voluntary Return from the Netherlands

If you are thinking of leaving the Netherlands to return to your home country, we may be able to help you. IOM’s voluntary return assistance is available to most migrants. Please check here whether you meet the conditions.

You can talk to us about voluntary return without any obligation. Everything we discuss will be kept confidential. We will inform you of the assistance available before, during and after your departure. You can discuss any concerns you may have relating to your return in a personal conversation with one of our counsellors. To answer more specific questions, we can contact our colleagues at the IOM office in your country of origin. If needed, we will refer you to other organizations providing social services or advice on various options. If you decide that voluntary return is the right choice for you, we can help you with all the preparations for your departure.

If you wish to travel to another country than your home country (resettlement) you can find more information here 


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