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Migration and Development

Give Back

Do you belong to a diaspora community?
Find out how we enable you, as a member of the diaspora, to give back to your country of origin. We offer opportunities that allow you to apply your knowledge and expertise for the development of your country of origin.

Here you will find information on Connecting Diaspora for Development, phase 2 (CD4D2).


Call for information 070 31 81 500

Migration & Development

Our Migration and Development projects focus on diaspora engagement.

The aim of our global migration and development projects is to increase the positive relation between international migration and development. Our aim is to harness the development potential of migration for the benefit of countries of origin and countries in which diaspora live and work. This way we aim to contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Contact Persons

  • Nina Staal
    CD4D2 Coordinator
    Tel: +31 70 51 81 653
    Mobile: +31 6 23 29 20 56
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.