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Resettlement to a Third Country

Resettlement from the Netherlands

If you have a permanent residence permit in a different country than your country of origin, IOM may be able to assist you with your resettlement or return to a third country. Our resettlement assistance is offered to all migrants, regardless of their legal status in the Netherlands.

Do I Qualify for Resettlement Assistance?

If you are residing in the Netherlands, you are eligible for resettlement support if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are a national of a country on this country list.
  • Your permanent residence is guaranteed in the destination country. Please note: IOM cannot assist you based on a short-stay visa or if you are part of a resettlement programme that requires capital investment.
  • You, or the legal guarantee for your stay in the Netherlands, lack the financial means to pay for your departure.
  • The Government of the Netherlands does not have any objections to your departure.
  • You have not departed from the Netherlands with the assistance of IOM or the Dutch government in the last five years.
  • You are in the possession of, or you can obtain a valid travel document.
  • Your application for resettlement assistance is not based on false pretences.
  • You provide the necessary information and follow our instructions to organize your resettlement.
  • Your resettlement can be safely organized by IOM.
  • If applicable: You agree with the termination of pending residence permit procedures or the withdrawal of your Dutch/EU residence permit when departing from the Netherlands.

 These are the Services we Offer:

  • Information and counselling about resettlement in your own language, without any obligation on your part.
  • If necessary, assistance during the final stages of an admitted visa application.
  • Reimbursement of the mandatory costs made as part of the visa application process.
  • Logistic support to prepare your journey, including your air ticket.
  • Assistance during your departure and, if needed, during transits and upon arrival.
  • A financial allowance to cover your immediate expenses after arrival, including in-land travel to your final destination.  
  • Additional support for unaccompanied minor children, victims of trafficking and migrant with health needs.

Resettlement Countries

For more information on the main resettlement programmes and their criteria:
United States of America 

Contact with IOM

For more information or to make an appointment with an IOM counsellor close to you, you can call us at 088 746 4466.