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Migrant Stories - Migration & Development

Recognition of the linkages between migration and development is increasing. The positive contribution migrants make to society is visible worldwide but certainly in the Netherlands.

Their participation contributes to technological development, economic activities and cultural enrichment. Many migrants remain strongly connected to their country of origin. They send money back, but also transfer knowledge and experience. Recognition of the role migrants can play in the development of their country of origin also becomes clear in the international discourse about migration and development, such as during the fourth Global Forum on Migration and Development in Mexico. The Dutch migration and development policy that focuses on a global approach of the subject can serve as a positive example. According to IOM, migrants participating in capacity building projects in their country of origin contribute to a triple win. Their involvement has advantages for themselves, but also for the country of origin and the country of residence.
IOM offers temporary return assignments to migrants who wish to use their professional knowledge and experience for the development of their country of origin. Their cultural ties to the country of origin combined with their knowledge and experience make them excellent agents for development. The migrants can also play an important role in stimulating and developing partnerships between institutions in the country of origin and their country of residence. Through the experiences and personal stories of participants in this brochure, IOM hopes to contribute positively to the linkages between migration and development.

Download the Migrant Stories here:

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