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Press Release: IOM Netherlands Launches 'Migration Spices Up Your Life' Campaign

Migratie kleurt je levenThe Hague, December 18, 2023 – In celebration of International Migrants Day, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in the Netherlands is launching the 'Migration Spices Up Your Life' campaign. This unique campaign emphasizes the enriching influence of migration on our daily lives, with a focus on the culinary contributions brought to the Netherlands by migrants.

We invite everyone to reflect on how bland our world would be without migration. With an emphasis on well-known dishes such as pasta, sushi, and kebab, 'Migration Spices Up Your Life' aims to celebrate the diversity that migration brings. The campaign seeks to bring more nuance to the current discourse on migration in the Netherlands. Through personal stories about dishes that we all know and love, we hope to promote social connectedness and cohesion in the Netherlands.
Migration is a timeless phenomenon driven by various motives, such as work, study, safety, love, or adventure. It not only contributes to greater culinary diversity but also influences fashion, art, music, festivals, sports, and much more.
On the campaign website of 'Migration Spices Up Your Life', visitors can discover the personal stories of chefs who prepare these dishes daily and learn how these creations found their way to the Netherlands. Additionally, visitors can test their knowledge of migration and the history of certain dishes through a quiz – and have the chance to win prizes!

How can interested parties participate?

  • Help us spread the message by sharing our campaign posts on your website, social media channels, and newsletters. Promotional materials through a campaign package can be requested via the contact person below.
  • Encourage employees, customers, and community members to share their personal migration stories on social media with the hashtag #MigratieKleurtJeLeven.
  • Explore the campaign website and share the stories behind the dishes that are now part of our daily menu.
  • Take the migration quiz on the campaign website and have a chance to win one of our prizes!

For further information, interested parties can contact Sandra Kluivers (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

*’'Migration Spices Up Your Life' is part of the 'Moving the Middle' project of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the migration agency of the United Nations. IOM Netherlands contributes to orderly and humane migration management and further promotes international cooperation on migration. This is done by seeking practical solutions to migration issues and providing humanitarian aid to migrants in need. The 'Moving the Middle' project contributes to the goal of promoting an open and fact-based public debate on migration and aligns with SDG 16: promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for all.