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Diaspora Making the Difference 

Today, IOM the Netherlands launches the nationwide media campaign “Connecting Diaspora for Development” which wants to create more awareness about the important role migrants play in the economic and social development of their countries of origin.

For the campaign, we work with ten ‘diaspora ambassadors’, who are professionals with a migration background. All of them are charismatic, dedicated and make the difference in their countries of origin by participating in our project Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D2). 

Our diaspora ambassadors pass on their knowledge and skills through short-term assignments in their countries of origin at the request of local organizations and institutions. This helps build up capacity in countries of origin while achieving a sense of personal fulfilment.   

“There are so many possibilities for sustainable development in Somaliland, everyone is curious and future-oriented. We help Dutch people that want to invest, live or work in Somaliland,” says one of our ambassadors, financial specialist Zuhur Mohamed Ismail. 

Each month over the coming year we will put the spotlight on one of our ambassadors, their achievements, ambitions and commitment through a broad range of media outlets. 

We strongly believe in the potential of diaspora; the stories of our ambassadors will show that migration can contribute to society in a unique and positive way. 

Meet our Ambassadors

CD4D Ambassadors