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MATCH webinar: Dutch Companies share Experiences with African Talent

Dutch companies shared their experiences on how to engage, recruit and retain talent from diverse backgrounds in the third webinar of our MATCH project on 12 October.

This projects aims to recruit skilled talent from Nigeria and Senegal.

Denis Darko (Senior Manager at PwC), Kemo Camara (CEO and Founder of OMEK) and Robert Blaauw (Consultant and Partner of AIM4) shared their views with the audience on how to approach diversity in talent acquisition. Tapping into the potential of skilled talent from Nigeria and Senegal offers an innovative solution to address labour shortages.

Through the MATCH project, IOM and the Netherlands-Africa Business Council NABC provide companies in the Netherlands access to diverse top talent from Africa. Temporary work placements are offered to candidates from Nigeria and Senegal with the opportunity to upscale their skills in a European country and increase their employability upon return to their home countries.

Interested to learn more about recruiting skilled talent from Nigeria and Senegal? And how circular labour migration contributes to development?

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