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MATCH WEBINARS " Hiring African Talent"

The MATCH project continues despite the current obstacles placed on us all by COVID-19; we explore flexible solutions to meet the talent management needs of Dutch employers.

MATCH Logo Horizontal BlueOrange WhiteIf you are looking to recruit skilled talent from Nigeria and Senegal, you are kindly invited to join our special webinars developed as part of the MATCH project.
Learn more about recruiting relevant talent, and how circular labour migration contributes to development by watching the first two of a series of webinars here.

In the fourth webinar on 13 April, we shone the spotlight on Nigerian ICT talent, and the potential that talent pools in this sector have to offer Dutch companies.

Abel Neering (Vice Consul Economic Affairs Dutch Consulate General in Nigeria), Olanrewaju Odunowo (Head of TechCabal Insights) Jeroen Swart (Founder of Leasytime) and Sebastiaan Tan (Founder and CTO of Caspar Coding) provided facts and figures about the Nigerian ICT climate and why highly skilled ICT talent are the ideal solution to Europe’s aging population.

Watch the Fourth Webinar here

In the third webinar on 12 October Dutch companies shared their experiences on how to engage, recruit and retain talent from diverse backgrounds, in the third webinar of our MATCH project.

Denis Darko (Senior Manager at PwC), Kemo Camara (CEO and Founder of OMEK) and Robert Blaauw (Consultant and Partner of AIM4) shared their views on how to approach diversity in talent acquisition.

Watch the Third Webinar Here

Webinar two invites Hélène Jonker from Migrantic Tax and Immigration Lawyers, and Mariken van Megen from the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), who outline the various legal pathways and conditions associated with labour migration to the Netherlands. View the recording below to learn more about recruiting qualified individuals from Senegal and Nigeria, the various legal pathways for hiring talent from Nigeria and Senegal, the benefits of registered company sponsorship, and how the MATCH project can support your company in their search for new talent.

Watch the Second Webinar Here

Webinar One introduced the MATCH project, the value of circular labour migration, mobility in the COVID-19 era and what talent in Nigeria and Senegal resembles. Guest speakers include Cédric Filet, Founder and CEO of Aldelia – a global talent sourcing and matching platform with 12 offices in Africa; and Ernesto Spruyt, Founder and CEO of Tunga – a socially-conscious training and outsourcing startup which places young tech developers from developing countries with remote based employment.

Watch the First Webinar Here