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Another Child Reunited with Relatives

Family reunification had its challenges in 2020 given the COVID19 pandemic. However we still managed to reunite 40 family members with their loved ones since August. Among them, this family that was reunited last week at Schiphol airport.

Family reunification is often emotional as families were often separated for quite a while due to the bureacratic process that has to take place before a family member can come to the Netherlands. IOM supports families with the necessary steps in preparing the reunification. For example, children have to be fit to travel before they start their journey also in view of COVID-19. Therefore, we conduct pre-departure COVID-19 checks and hand out personal hygiene kits for the journey.  In cases where children cannot travel alone IOM can provide social escorts. 

Currently, UNHCR together with the Ben&Jerry's is campaigning for faster family reunification. If you want to have a look at their campaign or if you would like to sign the petition please go here.

Click here if you want to learn more about our family reunification activities