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Family Reunification

Through our network of more than 480 offices in 175 countries, we can provide support for Family Reunification applicants that have received permission from the IND to join their family members in the Netherlands.

Families who have been approved by the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) can request two types of assistance from IOM: (1) a Pre-Departure Consultation Assistance for EUR 120,- per family or (2) the Full Travel Support.

Please find more information about these two types of assistance below, reach out to us via +31 88 746 4444 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or go directly to the application form.

IOM's support consists of:

1 Pre-Departure Consultation Assistance

The Pre-Departure Consultation Assistance consist of information provision. We will look at the details and circumstances of your specific case, and  we will reach out to IOM offices in the country of departure for advice and information as needed.
The cost for this assistance is a fixed consultation fee of EUR 120,-. The Pre-Departure Consultation Assistance can be expanded into the Full Travel Support.

2 Full Travel Support 

Within this more inclusive assistance IOM the Netherlands will liaise with the IOM office in the country of departure. The local IOM staff will reach out to your family members directly to support them with making the necessary arrangements.

This assistance includes:

  • Advise on obtaining exit permission
  • Verification of travel documents
  • Flight booking and ticket issuance
  • Assistance with medical cases
  • Arranging of a (medical) escort as needed
  • Personal assistance at airport of departure, transit and arrival

Due to agreements with different airlines, IOM can offer reliable rates with flexible conditions. When seats are available, departure can generally be arranged within a few days to two weeks after validation of the travel documents.

The procedure for this assistance is as follows:

  1. The applicant submits the online application form
  2. IOM provides a cost estimate based on the specific details of the case
  3. Applicant transfers the full amount to IOM
  4. IOM confirms receipt
  5. IOM reaches out to IOM colleagues in the country of departure
  6. IOM in the country of departure contacts the family members
  7. IOM in the country of departure verifies travel documents, advises on procedures, and makes travel arrangements
  8. IOM informs the applicant of travel arrangements
  9. After arrival in the Netherlands, IOM checks if actual costs match estimated costs. As needed, IOM will provide reimbursement or request an additional payment.

Other important information:


We do not have any funding available for Family Reunification, it is the responsibility of the applicant to cover the costs. The Dutch Refugee Council (VWN) may be able to provide financial support or to provide advice on where to search for funding. Please contact your local VWN office for more information. You can also try to secure funding through your municipality or through local churches and charities.

Travel documents and visas

We cannot assist directly with obtaining travel documents or visas. However, IOM staff in the country of departure is familiar with local procedures and can advise on the steps to take.


Children travelling without support of a parent or guardian can also count on our support. We have extensive experience in assisting children with international travel and have experienced staff that can escort the children throughout the journey if needed.

Requesting IOM's assistance

Before Family Reunification can take place, the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) must approve the visa applications. IOM cannot provide any support with regards to your family's IND procedure.

If the IND has approved your family's request, you can apply for IOM support via this online form.


For general questions, the IOM Family Reunification unit can be reached through 088-7464 444 (Monday to Friday from 13:30 to 16:30 hrs.). Please keep your case number at hand if your question relates to an active case.

Download the flyer about Family Reunification