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IOM The Netherlands' Annual Reception 2024

Our Annual reception on 8th February 2024 had the honour of hosting representatives of Embassies, Consulates, the Dutch government and partners.
The evening commenced with a stirring speech from our Chief of Mission, Antonio Polosa.
Mr. Polosa acknowledged the profound contributions of migrants from diverse corners of the globe.

He emphasized that "(migrants) have consistently played a pivotal role in driving development and advancement, contributing to the prosperity of communities and societies."

From the realms of fashion, art, and music to sports and cuisine, migrants have left an indelible mark. In the Netherlands, the culinary landscape stands as a testament to migration's influence, boasting a diverse array of beloved dishes integrated into daily life.

IM8A9826Antonio Polosa, Chief of Mission

Following Mr. Polosa's inspiring remarks, our esteemed guests delved into learning more about our project activities. Accompanied by various dishes from around the world, the event shed light on our latest national campaign, "Migration Spices Up Your Life," part of the Moving the Middle project. This campaign encourages reflection on the positive contributions of migration. Understanding these impacts is crucial for fostering constructive dialogues about migration's role, especially as misconceptions often fuel public animosity and impede policy progress.

At IOM The Netherlands, we remain committed to celebrating diversity and championing the invaluable contributions of migrants. As we embrace another year, let us continue to unite in fostering inclusive societies where every individual's journey is honoured and celebrated.