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IOM Niger Arranges Quarantine Reception for Returning Migrants

IOM is assisting the Niger government to set up a reception camp in the capital Niamey for 1,500 Nigerian migrants. They were held in neighbouring Burkina Faso because the borders were closed due to the corona virus. The migrants returning to Niger will remain quarantined in the Niamey camp for about fourteen days, so they cannot infect anyone in Niger.

Hopefully this will help keep the number of corona infections in Niger low. In a short time, IOM has provided 550 tents with toilets, showers and hand sanitation facilities. People staying in the camp are provided with three meals a day and an individual package containing a sleeping mat, a mosquito net, hygiene products and a lamp that working on solar energy. IOM is able to carry out these activities with the support of the Netherlands, the European Union, France and the United States.