ED4D: Entrepreneurship by Diaspora for Development

Dorien Deketele (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Implementation period: November 2018- October 2020

The ED4D project aims to encourage the Ghanaian and Ethiopian diasporas residing in the Netherlands, or Dutch entrepreneurs in partnership with the diaspora, to engage themselves as entrepreneurs for the development of the private sector in Ghana and Ethiopia. The project is implemented by us in collaboration with PUM Netherlands senior experts. With this project, IOM and PUM together try to address the different challenges the diaspora face in setting up a business. We act as facilitators and coordinators at the service of selected entrepreneurs and offer them assistance with starting up or expanding a business back home.

Interested entrepreneurs will receive information about investment opportunities and procedures in Ghana and Ethiopia. Selected entrepreneurs with promising business ideas will receive specific training and coaching. This group will be given the opportunity to undertake a go-and-see mission in Ghana and Ethiopia. Also, guidance will be provided towards potential funding mechanisms.

For further information, please visit the CD4D website.


Ms Andy Wehkamp (PUM) and Mr Antonio Polosa (IOM) sign the cooperation agreement