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CD4D Project Starts with Physical Assignments in Somaliland

In June 2020, eleven diaspora members from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom started their assignments at four selected institutions in Somaliland. They will share their knowledge and expertise in the areas of infrastructure, water, private sector development and justice.

For a 3-month period, the candidates will conduct assignments at a selected host institution.

Two participants already participated in CD4D1.  All candidates are currently present in Somaliland, which enables them to start with their actual physical assignments.

Given the travel restrictions in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, IOM is also supporting virtual assignments. Six candidates will start their virtual assignments at the end of June 2020. Five candidates are assigned to host institutions in Somaliland and one candidate to an institution in Mogadishu. Again, two experts are former participants of our CD4D1 project. Their assignments are in the areas of private sector development, justice, and infrastructure. Once travel will be allowed, it is expected that the selected candidates will travel to Somalia to follow up on their virtual assignments.

While vacancies have been published and many candidatures have been received, the actual selection process of potential participants has been delayed due to COVID-19. We are pleased however that everything is set for a successful implementation over the next two years.

Photo CD4D Assignment bericht Somaliland