Migrant Integration

Labour Mobility, Human Development and Resettlement Unit

IOM the Netherlands develops programmes that help migrants with their integration into new communities. We also aim to inform employers and  receiving communities about the positive contributions migrants can make to Dutch society. A multi-faceted approach aimed at mutual understanding is our mission.

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Integration Initiatives

Our beneficiaries include:

  • Migrants, their families and society;
  • The Dutch government and local municipalities;
  • Migrant support organizations and NGOs;
  • The private sector and employers;
  • Regional organizations and trade unions.


  • Developing and facilitating pre-departure orientation trainings and packages to migrants;
  • Developing and facilitating soft-skills training sessions to resident permit holders in the Netherlands;
  • Identifying good practices in the labour market and forging networks;
  • Enhancing capacities of employers to recognize and capitalize on the skills, knowledge and competencies of migrant talent pools;
  • Providing practical information to municipalities, employers, migrant support groups about the integration needs and potential of migrants in the Netherlands.

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Labour Mobility, Human Development and Resettlement Unit
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“Labour market integration is one of the core activities of IOM – with the aim of maximizing the participation and contribution into the wellbeing of our societies”
Eugenio Ambrosi, former Regional Director of IOM EU, EEA and NATO

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