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Labour Mobility, Social Inclusion and Resettlement

We implement projects that help migrants find their place in Dutch society. We also assist our partners (government, employers etc.) to recognize and welcome the positive contributions that migrants make to our society. Promoting migrant inclusion and social cohesion is at the core of our work.

We promote labour migration by matching talent from outside of Europe with Dutch employers. Labour mobility is an international phenomenon, with labour migrants making up nearly two-thirds of the global number of migrants. When well-managed, labour mobility is highly beneficial to migrants, their countries of origin and the European economies.

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Integration Initiatives

Our beneficiaries include:

  • Migrants, their families and Dutch society;
  • The Dutch government, public sector entities and local municipalities;
  • Migrant support organizations and NGOs;
  • The private sector, employers and trade unions;
  • Regional organizations.

Our activities:

  • Develop and facilitate pre‑departure orientation training and packages to migrants and host employers/entities;
  • Work closely with migrant representatives and migrant support organizations to uphold a migrant-centric approach;
  • Develop and facilitate soft‑skills training sessions to resident permit holders in the Netherlands;
  • Identify good practices on labour market integration and circular mobility;
  • Enhance capacities of employers to recognize and capitalize on the skills, knowledge and competencies of migrant talent pools;
  • Collect and disseminate information, materials and training associated with sexual and gender-based violence in migrant communities for the benefit of Dutch service providers;
  • Provide practical information and training to municipalities, employers, public sector entities, migrant support groups to facilitate two-way integration and information exchange. 

More information:
Labour Mobility, Social Inclusion and Resettlement (LMI/Resettlement) Unit
Tel.: +31 70 31 81 500
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Labour Mobility and Social Inclusion (LMI)/Resettlement