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Technical Recommendations


The technical recommendations are a key outcome of project LEARN. The recommendations outline how more favourable conditions can be created in the Netherlands for the setting up and scaling up of labour market inclusion initiatives for permit holders.

The recommendations are clustered around six key themes:

  1. Perception of Permit Holders
  2. National Knowledge Structure
  3. Participation and Civic Integration
  4. Support Professionals Social Domain
  5. Funding
  6. Modular Education

In below report you can read more about the context, scope, problem analysis and methodology.

10 Jul 2024

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IOM and the Netherlands announce new phase in guiding safe migration (2024 – 2027)


GENEVA-The International Organization for Migration (IOM) together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Netherlands have announced the launch of the new phase of the Cooperation on Migration and Partnership to Achieve Sustainable Solutions (COMPASS) programme. Building on its achievements since 2021, COMPASS will continue its mission to guide safe migration while protecting and upholding migrant’s rights until the end of 2027.

27 Jun 2024

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Voluntary Return in 2023 - a Year in Numbers


One Pager Year 2022 2

10 Jun 2024

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Guideline Permit Holders at Work in the Construction Sector


The guideline ‘’Permit holders at work in the Construction sector (construction, installation and painting branch)’’, has been developed within the framework of the LEARN project. Here you will find advice and tips that will be useful in shaping work-study programmes, with the ultimate goal of promoting the sustainable employment of permit holders.

23 May 2024

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Moving the Middle


Reaching the Dutch Movable Middle in the Debate on Migration

To address the prevailing negative narratives and views on migration remains a sensitive subject. Often, the extreme opposites make themselves heard in this debate; those firmly against migration versus those strongly in favour. But what about the individuals in the space between these extremes?

This group is known as the Movable Middle. This can be people who can be in favour of migration but simultaneously feel resistant and hesitant about it, and who tend not to have a strong opinion on the topic.
To contribute to the goal of promoting open and evidence-based public discourse and the SDG 16 to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for all, the ‘Moving the Middle’ project aims to improve our understanding of who belongs to the Movable Middle in the Netherlands and how they can best be reached.

Previous research on the Movable Middle has been conducted in other European countries on their respective population segments. ‘Moving the Middle’ follows a similar research path but focuses on the Netherlands and implements a mixed-methods research approach.

The project ran from 1 February 2022 until 30 April 2024.

Project Goals

The project supports the following goals:

  • To improve social cohesion and enhance positive narratives about migrants.
  • To create a more inclusive Dutch society by fostering an attitude of openness and inclusion towards migrants in the Netherlands among the Movable Middle.

The project is supported by a Migrant Ambassador Advisory Board (MAAB) to ensure that migrant voices are included. The board consists of five ambassadors who reflect the diverse migrant backgrounds in the Netherlands to provide input and advice in and throughout the project’s activities


  1. Conducting a three-phase research plan to gain more insights into who the Dutch Movable Middle is, their characteristics, and their opinions about migration. These insights will eventually be used to create a communication strategy to approach this group and report on migration in a more nuanced way.
  2. Designing and launching an online campaign to expose the Dutch Movable Middle to a more nuanced view of migration.
  3. Organizing local intercultural events to connect the Dutch Movable Middle with newcomers to reduce (potential) harmful stereotypes and promote social cohesion.
  4. Collecting all findings and publishing two knowledge dossiers on: 
    • how to create nuanced and evidence-based messaging to target the Dutch Movable Middle.
    • how to organize intercultural events to bring different social groups together to create new social connections.

Moving the Middle Knowledge Dossiers

After the research conducted in the first phase of the Moving the Middle project, we were left with the question - now what? And so, phase 2 took the next step and focused on how we can best turn knowledge into practice.

In the second Knowledge Dossier of the Moving the Middle project, questions are explored such as:

  • How can you design a national campaign to target the Dutch Movable Middle and expose them to more nuanced and fact-based messaging about migration?
  • What do you need to think about when organizing an intercultural event to bring newcomers and the Movable Middle together?

Curious about our findings and best practices?
Read more in our latest Knowledge Dossier!


For more information or relevant queries, please reach out to Sandra Kluivers, Project Assistant at or at +31 6 5111 55 31.

14 May 2024

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Support to Refugees from Ukraine

Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands who want to return to Ukraine currently cannot be supported by IOM.

For return support to Ukraine, please contact the Dutch Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V) via

Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands who want to migrate to another country outside the EU, where entry and long-term residence are guaranteed, can be supported by IOM. You can contact us via 088-7464466 or 070-3181500.

Refugees from Ukraine with a non-Ukrainian nationality (so-called third country nationals) who want to return from the Netherlands to their country of origin can receive support from IOM. You can contact us via 088-7464466 or 070-3181500.

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IOM in the Netherlands Works:

To ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international cooperation on migration issues, to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people.

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