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SAMEN presents the stories of Cultural Mediators

The Hague - The SAMEN project announces the launch of five new videos to highlight the stories and experiences of cultural mediators. These videos shed light on the vital role that cultural mediators play in supporting newcomers in the Netherlands.

Meet our cultural mediators:

  • Sanaa: In her video, Sanaa, originally from Syria, talks about her experiences as a cultural mediator. She explains how she bridges the gap between migrant communities and Dutch service providers.
  • Hassanen: Hassanen is born in Iraq and lives in the Netherlands. In the video, he explains how he supports migrants to find their way in the Dutch healthcare system. 
  • Ahmed: Ahmed, an Egyptian doctor, discusses the challenges faced by the LGBTQAI+ community with a migration background in his video. He shares how he creates a safe space where people feel heard and supported. 
  • Mahsa: Mahsa addresses sexual violence and taboos in migrant communities. She shares how she builds trust with migrants through open conversations and empathy. 


Lastly, Asal shared her testimony in front of the camera. Asal lives in a reception center and got to know Mahsa. In the video, she shares how she found freedom and acceptance in the Netherlands with cultural mediator Mahsa’s support. Watch her video here.


Together, we strive towards an inclusive and supportive society for all migrants, free from sexual and gender-based violence. Together with migrants, we make a positive change.

Read more about the SAMEN project here