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11. What Talent Profiles Can We Expect from Senegal and Nigeria?

Nigeria and Senegal offer a vast pool of talent and skills. Aldelia’s figures indicate that in Senegal, 80,000 individuals work in the ICT sector, and in Nigeria, 497,000 individuals work in the ICT sector. To request a typical candidate profile associated with a specific job title, contact the MATCH team.

Cédric Filet (Founder and CEO of Aldelia): “Every day we are amazed by the level of candidates that are signing up to our Areebajobs platform. There are more IMT graduates from Nigeria then from both France and Belgium together. It is not about IF we can find sufficient people or which programme languages are available, it is more about which version of java are you looking for and how many candidates do you need and then we will be able to find them. The population of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg combined amounts to 27 million people, which is the population of Lagos (Nigeria) alone. The average age in terms of working population is 44 years old in Europe but only 18 in Nigeria. In other words, they have a very large young population of qualified individuals. In relative terms, the amount of talent available in Nigeria might be smaller than in European countries but in absolute terms, the number is much larger. In our experience, these young people are very hungry to learn. They are very entrepreneurial and dynamic. You just have to capture their energy in the right way and you will see that they are not only doers but are an added value to your company.”