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RETURNING HOME- Migrants' stories about their return

Upon request of the Government of the Netherlands, IOM the Netherlands has been facilitating the voluntary return of migrants to their country of origin since 1992.
Over the years, the programme has undergone regular changes to adapt to new insights and evolving needs.

Especially the year 2000 brought big changes. Decentralized teams were set up with the goal of reaching out to as many migrants as possible, informing them about the return support that IOM can provide. Consultation hours were initiated at asylum reception centres and in cities with high numbers of undocumented migrants. As a result, migrants were no longer required to travel to the office in The Hague to speak with an IOM counsellor about voluntary return. Additionally, the first reintegration projects were established, allowing increased support for migrants after their return.

This approach enhanced the contact between IOM and the migrant. To date, more than 70,000 migrants in the Netherlands have returned to over 120 different countries with IOM’s assistance.

This booklet provides insight into IOM’s field of work in this area. It illustrates the support migrants receive and how it contributes to their reintegration. The ultimate success of the reintegration depends on various factors, including the preparation before departure. IOM’s counsellors play a key role in this process by lending an ear and thinking along with the migrants. They also receive all sorts of confidential information in view of the return. This comprehensive support to migrants remains fundamental to the success of IOM’s return projects in the Netherlands.

Returning home, Migrants' stories about their return and the role of IOM