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Diaspora in Action: Twenty Stories from Diaspora Experts

IOM the Netherlands has nearly twenty years of experience implementing various diaspora engagement programmes. These programmes promote development through diaspora engagement.

Connecting Diaspora for Development is the most recent programme in which diaspora members acted as actors for development in their countries of origin. In addition to demonstrating the value of diaspora contributions, the programme also showcased the voice of individual diaspora experts. Each expert has a unique story and experience and underwent personal challenges and achievements. IOM emphasizes the importance of creating a platform for these inspiring stories.

Therefore, IOM the Netherlands has created a success story booklet in collaboration with twenty diaspora experts. The booklet includes a variety of experiences from different perspectives and countries. In addition to the individual stories, the booklet also highlights some of the institutional linkages that were created within the framework of CD4D.

IOM is proud of the achievements of the diaspora experts and wants to thank them for their continuous commitment to CD4D!

You can read and download the booklet here.

20 succes stories Diaspora in Action 1

Download Diaspora in Action