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A closer acquaintance with the network of IOM in the Netherlands in the field of voluntary return

At the request of the Government of the Netherlands, IOM has been facilitating the voluntary return of migrants to their country of origin since 1992.
Over the years, more than 68,000 migrants in the Netherlands have returned to more than 100 different countries with the help of IOM.

This cannot be achieved without the cooperation with government agencies, embassies, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, youth institutions, health-care facilities, migrant organizations and key figures.

This booklet is about this collaboration, or rather about the people and organizations IOM works with.

What is their role? How do they relate to the topic of return? What drives them? What challenges do they face? In short, this booklet will get you more acquainted with IOM’s network in the Netherlands in the context of voluntary return.

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Download PDF here
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