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IOM receives AMIF funding for AVRR-NL project

IOM received confirmation of funding from the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) for its project Assisted Voluntary Return from the Netherlands 2022-2024 (AVRR-NL) Return and Reintegration. With the AMIF contribution, IOM will be able to continue its services to migrants in the Netherlands who would like to return voluntarily to their country of origin (or to a third country of permanent residence) under the REAN programme.

Through the project AVRR-NL Return, IOM provides information and return counselling to migrants considering return, and pre-departure assistance and logistical arrangements (including flight tickets) for the actual voluntary return of migrants. AVRR-NL Reintegration focuses on adequately preparing migrants for their life after return, through reintegration counselling and the provision of targeted financial budgets that assist migrants in their socio-economic reintegration, as well as in meeting their post-arrival medical needs. Both project will run from January 2022 until December 2024, in line with the current REAN programme and are co-financed by the Dutch Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs.

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