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3. What is the Goal of the MATCH Project?

  • Tackling structural labour shortages experienced on the European labour market due to democratic and socio-economic developments (e.g. ageing population, skill mismatch, digitalisation) by tapping into talent pools in Africa.
  • Skills development: selected candidates will be offered various training organized by the individual companies
  • Knowledge transfer: labour migrants will also be invited to engage in projects in their home country to facilitate skills and knowledge transfer to their communities of origin.
  • Peer-to-peer capacity building: MATCH will facilitate the exchange between employer organizations and employment agencies in the four participating EU Member States and their counterparts in Senegal and Nigeria. Employer organizations and employment agencies in Nigeria and Senegal will benefit from capacity building training on labour market analysis, matching of labour supply with demand and exploring labour opportunities abroad. This will facilitate the roll-out of future labour mobility schemes benefiting countries of origin and destination alike.