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5 What are the benefits for Dutch companies to join the MATCH project?

Low cost - The MATCH project enables companies to recruit highly qualified candidates at low cost while complying with high ethical recruitment standards. The MATCH project does not charge any fees for launching a recruitment process. This is a considerable gain for companies given that recruitment fees required by commercial recruitment schemes tend to range between 15 – 20 per cent of a candidate’s first annual salary and can go as high as 30 per cent for hard-to-fill vacancies1

High quality - The MATCH project will provide high-quality matches of talent through selective advertisement, advanced skill assessment technologies and a network of reputable talent management providers.  

Flexibility - The MATCH project offers flexibility to companies by introducing them to a qualified candidate in a short timeframe. This allows companies to adopt flexible hiring strategies that correspond to their needs and changing market demands. The project also supports the development of distance work arrangements at a time where international mobility is limited due to the COVID–19 pandemic. There is no legal obligation for companies to recruit from the pre-selected candidates if the selected profiles do not meet company talent needs or standards.  

CSR standards - By participating in the MATCH project, companies can invest in the human capital of the young candidates and support skill development through training activities. During work placements, the MATCH project will facilitate candidate engagement with diaspora organisations and candidate participation in projects that support development in Africa.  The MATCH project offers an opportunity to promote gender balance as we aim to select a minimum of 30 per cent of female candidates.

1.Source: NOS article "Zo veel vraag dat recruitmentbureau recruiter inschakelt voor recruiter"