Jaarstatistiek vrijwillige terugkeer sinds 1992

Since 1992, IOM facilitated more than 61.000 voluntary departures from the Netherlands, under the national Assisted Voluntary Return and Reingration (AVRR) programme.

In 1991, the REAN Agreement (Return and Reintegration Assistance from The Netherlands) was signed with the Dutch Government. Since then, IOM has been at the core of voluntary return assistance fromThe Netherlands. Over the years, the programme has evolved, and the assistance has become more and more tailore made, including specialized assistance for vulnerable cases, such as medical cases, victims of trafficking and unaccompanied minor children. Currently, IOM Netherlands provides pre-departure counseling to migrants all over The Netherlands and reintegration assistance is provided in many cases supported by IOM missions in countries of origin. This graph provides an overview of the total numbers of voluntary departures troughout the years, since the start of the AVRR programme in The Netherlands.