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World Environment Day 5 June: Setting Up a Solar Power Business in Ghana

To take care of ourselves means we should take care of nature. Today on UN World Environment Day we are highlighting initiatives aimed at Building for Nature. Englishman David Boateng strongly believes in renewable energy sources because they contribute to a greener environment. He is currently introducing renewable energy in Ghana, his country of origin, as part of our project Entrepreneurship by Diaspora 4 Development (ED4D).

Ghana has been dealing with an unpredictable electric power outrage for about 20 years. An increasing population and rapid urbanization have led to these outages resulting from power supply shortages. David Boateng believes that the solution of diesel generation, which is cheap in the short term, in the long term is too costly and polluting. With his business in Ghana, David Boateng offers solar power systems to small and medium-sized firms for their own green energy production.