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Participants ED4D Project receive Entrepreneurial Training

Forty ambitious entrepreneurs have been selected for IOM’s Entrepreneurship by Diaspora for Development (ED4D) project. After a competitive process, 20 persons were chosen for Ghana and another 20 for Ethiopia.

Their business ideas were reviewed by a jury in the Netherlands composed of IOM and PUM (Netherlands senior experts) with parallel juries in Ghana (IOM and Ghana Investment Promotion Centre) and Ethiopia (IOM and Ethiopian Investment Commission).
The selection committee is convinced of the potential of the selected business ideas, which vary greatly across different sectors. Entrepreneurial training sessions are offered by Zidi during September 2019 and the 1% club offers a crowdfunding session on 5 October 2019. Each entrepreneur will be matched with a PUM expert (Netherlands senior experts) to further develop their business plans. A final group of 10 entrepreneurs per country will be selected to go on an exploration mission to Ghana or Ethiopia in spring 2020.