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Webinar on Impact Pandemic on Undocumented Migrants

On 24 June we hosted a webinar for our diplomatic relations on the position of migrants in an irregular situation. More than 27 diplomatic representations participated in this online event where the Municipality of Amsterdam and CoMensha presented their work and support to undocumented migrants and (potential) victims of trafficking.   

Since the corona pandemic reached the Netherlands we have moved to online means to meet partners, just like any other organization. Live meetings face to face are still an exception in these uncertain and trying times. We miss the direct contact with our partners, but we hope that with increasing vaccinations against COVID-19 we will be able to meet each other again and to host live events. The same applies to the diplomatic missions and consulates in the Netherlands and Belgium with whom we have a close cooperation. 

On 24 June we hosted a webinar on the position of undocumented migrants for our diplomatic relations. Many migrants residing in the Netherlands are facing great challenges due to the pandemic. Especially those with an irregular status found themselves increasingly in a vulnerable situation. Particularly in the beginning of the crisis, in a time of reduced mobility, we noticed an increase of requests for voluntary return assistance from migrants with an irregular status. 

To better understand their situation, we invited the Municipality of Amsterdam and CoMensha to share their experiences and present the support that they provide to undocumented migrants and (potential) victims of trafficking.  More than 27 diplomatic representations joined in the online event. We are glad to be able to bring partners together and provide a platform for organizations and agencies that assist migrants in the Netherlands. 

Support for migrants in vulnerable situations