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Includ-EU Webinar: Participation and Social Inclusion of Migrants

In the third webinar of our Includ-EU project on Feb 16 at 10:00 AM CET we focus on regional and local experiences that facilitate migrants' active participation and social inclusion.


Includ-EU contributes to building more inclusive societies by enhancing knowledge and stimulating cooperation between local and regional authorities in the European Union.

Policies and practices that foster intercultural interaction and inclusion are instrumental in enabling cities and regions to manage diversity positively and realize the diversity advantage.

Includ-EU is implemented in the Netherlands by IOM, in collaboration with the Municipality of Tilburg, with a focus on the inclusion of third-country nationals, specifically toward labour market integration.

This webinar will be facilitated by the Council of Europe, and will feature practices identified in some of the countries involved in the Project (Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, and Spain). The Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs  (DG HOME) will provide an overview on measures promoting active participation, especially in the decision-making process, in the  EU Action Plan with updated priorities.

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