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Movie&Debate Event: “Stranger in Paradise” on International Migrants Day, 18 December

What are your ideas about migration and Europe?
And how do your views relate to the way migrants themselves perceive Europe?

Join our discussion in Humanity House, The Hague on
International Migrants Day on Wednesday, 18 December 2019.


The film “Stranger in Paradise” shows the contrast between European views and the expectations of migrants themselves. In a classroom, newly arrived migrants receive a lesson about Europe. In three acts, director and screenwriter Guido Hendrikx explains the European view concerning the refugee crisis. He shows where the refugees' dreams clash with reality and he makes us aware of our own situation. This year, this prizewinning film is part of the official selection of IOM’s Global Migration Film Festival.


After the screening, Rogier Elshout will moderate two discussions about the image migrants have of Europe. His first guest is Marieke Mol from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and co-chair of the European working group on awareness raising campaigns. With these campaigns, Europe wants to provide migrants with a realistic picture of the risks en route and the opportunities after arrival in a European country. This is followed by a personal story about migration to Europe, in which Zakaria Alo will tell us how he experienced his long journey. In 2012 he fled Syria with his family and he now lives with his brothers in the Netherlands.

Would you like to participate?

You can sign up for the Movie&Debate Event via the Humanity House website. Admission is free, but registration is required due to the limited number of seats.

International Migrants Day

This Movie&Debate Event is an initiative of the European Commission in the Netherlands, the European Migration Network in the Netherlands (EMN Netherlands) and IOM. The film screening takes place on the occasion of International Migrants Day which focuses on the rights of migrants and the contribution they make to societies. Around International Migrants Day, IOM organizes film screenings worldwide under the name Global Migration Film Festival.

Location: Humanity House, Prinsegracht 8 in The Hague
Date: Wednesday 18 December.
Doors open: 18:30.
Programme: 19.00-21.00, followed by an informal drink.
Language: Dutch
Film: English with Dutch subtitles


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