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"Migration is inevitable, necessary and desirable" - special exhibition at Centre Céramique in Maastricht

Migration is inevitable, necessary and desirable. With this message, IOM aims to introduce migration management to the Dutch general public by organizing the exhibition “Behind the scenes of migration management - the work of the International Organization for Migration in image” in Centre Céramique in Maastricht, the Netherlands from 12 March to 14 April.

Migration is a much discussed topic in the political and public debate. With this exhibition IOM highlights migration management from different sides by sharing personal stories of migrants and IOM staff. Some migrants arrived in the Netherlands many years ago and want to use their expertise for capacity building in their homeland, some have just arrived in the Netherlands, others have left the Netherlands to rebuild their lives elsewhere.

"Migration is not a problem that needs to be solved; it is a reality that needs to be managed," says former IOM Director General William Lacy Swing.

With the exhibition IOM hopes to contribute to a fairer dialogue about migration and the people involved.

In the same period the Centre Céramique will show the exhibition 'I Believe|De wereld in een wijk'. Through photos, stories and short films, visitors get to know the inhabitants of Bressoux; a neighbourhood in Liège, Belgium where more than 60 nationalities live together. What is it like to live in such a diverse society? The exhibition ‘I Believe' runs from 16 March to 9 June.