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IOM Introduces Digital Platform to Engage Diaspora Members in Development

IOM officially launched its iDiaspora platform - a global engagement and knowledge exchange hub for transnational communities.

IOM recognizes that there is mounting evidence regarding the important role that diaspora members and transnational communities play towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in countries of origin and destination.

In launching the platform, IOM hopes to provide an all-in-one space for diaspora individuals, their organizations and partners to interact and exchange ideas as they work towards their shared development goals.

Users can register on the site - - using Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn, or complete their profiles with their name, location, fields of expertise, and a photo. They help shape the platform and can take advantage of it to Connect, Learn and Contribute: by finding like-minded other users with whom to collaborate and to identify concrete opportunities to give back their skills and resources and actively participating in development of their home and host communities.