AVRR affected by COVID-19 (Corona Virus) measures

Due to measures following the COVID19/Corona Virus outbreak, we have adapted our activities on Assisted Voluntary Return.
Flight availability is very limited. In addition, countries of origin and transit points increasingly implement additional restrictions.

Within those limitations, IOM staff will continue to assist migrants who wish to return, to the best of our possibilities.
For questions and inquiries, all counsellors can be reached on their direct phone numbers or at 088 746 4466.

The feasibility of return will be assessed case by case. If you do not fulfil all return criteria please do not hesitate to contact us. We can assess the possibility to exceptionally assist with your return.

Since the Dutch government has taken action to prevent the spread of COVID19 we have been able to still assist a number of migrants to return.

Departures since 16 march


For questions, please contact 088 746 4466