Reviving Ancient Water Irrigation Systems

An important contribution to rural rehabilitation in Afghanistan: Mr. Mirkhel's Second Study Visit.In 2015, Mr. Mirkhel, a water management expert working at the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD)of Afghanistan did a study visit to TU Delft under the supervision of Dr. Haidari – an Afghan diaspora expert that took part in the CD4D project.

Mr. Mirkhel has now returned to TU- Delft for a second study visit to continue the successes of his first, which led to the revival of an ancient water irrigation system in Afghanistan called Kariz. The story of Mr. Mirkhel and Mr. Haidari illustrates how the linkages, between two institutions in distant lands, can be strengthened under the CD4D framework. The MRRD and TU Delft are now well acquainted.

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