De migrant aan het woord

Wie is de migrant die een beroep doet op IOM? Waarom maakt hij of zij bepaalde keuzes? Met welke verwachtingen keren ze terug en wat zijn hun ervaringen?

IOM heeft migranten gevraagd om hun eigen verhaal op te schrijven gericht op een nieuwe toekomst. Alle namen zijn fictief; de verhalen vertellen hun werkelijke ervaringen.


Bea DEF web2

My name is Bea* and I could not remain in the Netherlands. My application for residence there was denied. But there was more to it than that…
I experienced the Dutch culture as very different from my own and I simply missed my family. read more



Maan Taher 2 web

My family moved from Iraq to the Netherlands at the proposal and invitation of relatives. My image of the Netherlands was one of freedom, democracy and respect. This picture was confirmed and further strengthened after we arrived read more


Ali 1 web2

 It was about three years ago when my father and I traveled from Iran to the Netherlands. I was 17 at the time and it was an exciting and joyful experience for me. Shortly after our arrival, we learned from friends about the possibility of getting a permanent residence permit read more



Angola small

I returned to Angola in 2010 with my mother and my niece Felicidade. Deciding to return was a difficult decision, especially since my mother was ill and I had my six-year-old niece with me. I might have chosen a different path if I had been in the Netherlands alone, but I had to think about my family. read more 


Afghanistan small

The Netherlands is so different from my country. I did not have the right papers there and that made me nervous. I also missed my family. One day I had enough. I felt too insecure about my future, and I wanted to go home. read more



Colombia small

I was two years old when I left Colombia for Europe. My grandma and I first lived with my uncle in Spain. We moved to Amsterdam when it became clear that he could no longer support us. read more

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