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“Our Hospital Benefitted from the Assignments”
Sharing Expertise with My Home Country
“My Expertise is So Useful for Afghan Hospitals”
Afghanistan: Niloufar Rahim, Medical Doctor “A Lifelong Dream Coming True” (2)
“Inspiring Young Film Makers to Find Their Vocation”
“With My Expertise I Can Save Lives”
“Stimulating New Forms of Civic Participation”
“Giving Young People More Self Respect”
“Using My Experience to Give Children a Better Future”
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Afghanistan: Niloufar Rahim, Medical Doctor “A Lifelong Dream Coming True”

Niloufar 2“As far as I can remember, I wished to go back to Afghanistan to do something for those who
unfortunately do not have the same opportunities and possibilities as I did. I was lucky to be chosen to go to the Kabul Medical University (KMU).
The main goal of the Clinical Skills Training Program was to train medical students at KMU in the field of necessary clinical skills to prepare them for their internships at the hospital in view of their future professional career,” says Dr. Niloufar Rahim from the Netherlands.

Contributing to the development of a country can be a challenge. “Every step in the right direction, although very small, is in my opinion valuable. Building a country from scratch, after decades of war is not easy and needs much more time and effort than one can imagine. However, education is one of the key elements to safeguard development and sustainability.”

Niloufar endotracheal intubation-In two months time, Dr. Rahim and her team trained 260 students. But these numbers were not what she cherished the most. “We taught the students some of our skills, but in the end they turned out to be the real teachers. Seeing their hard work and devotion, despite of all the shortcomings, was a motivation for us all. Their positivity and hope for a better future for Afghanistan, regardless of the daily sorrows, gave us hope as well as determination to work even harder.”


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